Will Connect Care allow Generic Logons to Shared Clinical Workstations?

Question: Many computers at Wave 1 sites have logon credentials that are specific to the location (clinic, unit, ward, etc.). The associated userid and password are known to those who work there. The group credentials allow the Windows workstation (computer, computer/laptop on wheels, etc.) to not have to be logged on and off with every new user. Since unique user identification occurs at the level of the application (e.g. Connect Care), this is a safe convenience. What happens with Connect Care?

Answer: Some users worry that this convenience will be lost at Connect Care launch. It won't.

When Windows has been launched on a shared computer with group credentials, the computer screen will still have icons for logging on to Connect Care, Netcare and other systems. At the point of launch, the user must identify him/herself with their unique username and password. The work flow will not change.

Users must remember to logoff Connect Care (or "Secure" the Connect Care session) before leaving the shared workstation.

Users will encounter some new situations where switching of Windows profiles is facilitated by automated logons with proximity sensors and other technologies. Group accounts do not apply. [ access, generic, account ]

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