Does Connect Care support generic logins for shared clinical workstations?

Question: Some facilities have grown accustomed to using "generic" workstation login credentials, usually specific to a location (clinic, unit, ward, etc.). The associated user ID and password are known to those who work there. How might this affect Connect Care?

Context: The Connect Care clinical information system interacts with a host Windows operating system (software that runs on most clinical workstations) to gain important information about the current user, location, printer, etc. 

The credentials used to access a workstation matter. Problems can occur if the same user ID and password are used on two different workstations at the same time.

Answer: It is very important to ALWAYS log in to an AHS computer workstation (and then Connect Care) with one's own unique credentials (user name and password). This prevents "session stealing" and other information system challenges. "Generic" logins should not be used.
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