How are Referring Prescribers notified of a Referral's progress?

Question: How are referring physicians notified of the receipt and processing of their request?

Context: Connect Care has a standardized approach to communicating about the progress of outpatient referrals and appointments. The Referrals workflow has been designed to transform the referral experience for both clinicians (sender and receivers of referrals) and patients. It meets expectations of CPSA Standards for Referral Consultation, Path to Care and the AHS Wait Time Policy.

Answer: Once a referral has been accepted and processed, an “accepted and waitlisted” letter will be automatically sent to the referring provider according to the communication preferences they have indicated in the system. Typically, these communications will route via In Basket. If the provider does not use Connect Care, the letter will be generated for print and mail or RightFax.

A number of automated notifications are sent to the referring prescriber as Connect Care referrals pass milestones in closed-loop referral management.