How can a referral be directed to a specific colleague?

Question: How can a referral for specialty services be directed to a specific individual?

Answer: If the referral is "internal" to a clinic, service or consultant using Connect Care as the record of care for the requested service, then use the "To Provider" field (usually left blank) to request a specific individual.

If the referral is "outgoing" to a service operating outside the Connect Care record of care, then it is essential to use the "To Provider" field. The look-up for this will filter for the requested specialty and will allow selection specific to a provider at a particular location.

If the provider and location of interest cannot be found in the "To Provider" lookup, then the field can be left blank. The referral order process is still valuable and a standardized referral letter can still be generated. You can address the letter to the missing provider and mail or fax with information you possess. It is important to submit a help desk request to have the missing provider added to the Connect Care provider registry.