Which test results are delivered to MyAHS Connect after a delay?

Question: While most test results and reports are routed to MyAHS Connect (patient portal), some are subjected to a 5 working day delay. Which test results are delayed?

Context: After wide consultation, and consideration of Alberta Health policies, the Connect Care patient portal is configured to receive almost all test results and reports for patient access. A very small number are not released by default. These exceptionally sensitive results can be released to the portal by manual physician override. A modest number of test results are released after a 5 day delay, allowing clinicians time to annotate the results, otherwise inform the patient, or manually hold back the results until the time of a visit. The majority of results are released as soon as they are posted to the clinical information system. Results in the manual-share and delayed-share categories were carefully reviewed by clinical oversight groups, and closely match past practice with the eCLINICIAN patient portal.

Answer: A list of delayed delivery test results is available for skimming and searching, in categories of histology/pathology, genetics, microbiology and other:

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