What COVID-19 Admission Order Sets are Available?

Question: What Connect Care order sets are available to support the admission of patients with COVID-19 presentations?

Context: Connect Care clinical system design (CSD) stakeholders (Area Councils, Support Units, Knowledge Leads, Informatics Leads, Strategic Clinical Networks and provincial programs) mobilized with exceptional efficiency to consider best available evidence, produce clinical guidance summaries and then start to design decision supports to help express that guidance for clinicians to use at the point of care. The first products of this work can help clinicians admitting patients (to wards and to critical care) with COVID-19 syndromes.

Answer: Connect Care order sets for adult and paediatric admissions are now live in the clinical information system. Equivalent order sets are also rendered to the SCM legacy clinical information  system. Paper "transforms" summarize the same orders and actions for those still in paper-based flows. For those using the Connect Care CIS, use "COVID" as a keyword when seeking orders in an inpatient context. The four admission sets will appear (look to the "Facility List" tab if these do not show on the "Preference List" tab in the order navigator).

These order sets are based on current best guidance for care in Alberta. They will change based on feedback, emerging evidence and any change in available therapies.

Each order set also serves as a quick source of current management advice. Sections include clinical decision supports, investigations, monitoring, fluid management, medications, consults, isolation requirements and alert triggers. All contain ample links to supporting evidence.