How are COVID-19–related conditions added to Problem Lists?

Question: How are COVID-related conditions codified for addition to problem lists, chief complaints, admitting or discharge diagnoses?

Context: The novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is associated with coronavirus disease syndromes collectively referred to as "COVID-19". The International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) has newly codified COVID-19 health states. These are available in Connect Care and are complemented by prescriber-friendly synonyms that make it easier to look up and select a best-fit problem, complaint or diagnosis. Use of the correct code is important for reporting and clinical decision supports.

Answer: When documenting a COVID-19–related condition in Connect Care (i.e., problem lists, professional billing, admitting diagnosis, chief complaint, discharge diagnosis, etc.), simply enter "COVID-19" as a search term. A number of matching conditions will appear to choose from, each appropriately coded.

With a little more effort, one can quickly land on best-matches for commonly sought diagnostic codes. Some useful keywords for quicker searching include:
  • "COVID-19 suspected" → "Suspected COVID-19 virus infection"
  • "COVID-19 confirmed" → "Laboratory confirmed diagnosis of COVID-19"
  • "COVID-19 disease" → "2019 novel coronavirus disease"
  • "COVID-19 pneumonia" → "Pneumonia due to COVID-19 virus"
  • "COVID-19 cardiac" → "Acute cardiac injury due to COVID-19"
  • "COVID-19 enceph" → "Encephalopathy due to COVID-19 virus"
  • "COVID-19 infl" → "Multisystem inflammatory syndrome associated with COVID-19"
  • "COVID-19 gast"  → "Gastroenteritis due to COVID-19 virus"