How can I switch Supervising Prescribers?

Question: How can trainees (students, residents and fellows) quickly change the supervising prescriber when working in Connect Care?

Context: As previously posted, and explained in the Connect Care Physician Manual, trainees identify a "Supervising Prescriber" when logging on to Connect Care. This ensures that any late-reporting results or reports get routed to the accountable physician; recognizing that the trainee may have moved to a different rotation.

Sometimes trainees serve in settings (e.g. multi-physician outpatient clinic) where the Supervising Prescriber can change multiple times in a single session. There is need to quickly change the supervising relationship without the hassle of logging off and back on again.

Answer: Switching Supervising Prescribers is fast and easy. It can be done without logging off. Before opening the chart of a patient with a new Supervising Provider, use the "Change Context" function (part of the logoff button drop-list) and then select a different physician. The following demo illustrates this (~1 min):

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