How can I switch Supervising Prescribers?

Question: How can trainees (students, residents and fellows) quickly change the supervising prescriber when working in Connect Care?

Context: As previously posted, and explained in the Connect Care Physician Manual, trainees identify a "Supervising Prescriber" when logging on to Connect Care. This ensures that any late-reporting results or reports get routed to the accountable physician; recognizing that the trainee may have moved to a different rotation.

Sometimes trainees serve in settings (e.g. multi-physician outpatient clinic) where the Supervising Prescriber can change multiple times in a single session. There is need to quickly change the supervising relationship without the hassle of logging off and back on again.

Answer: Switching Supervising Prescribers is fast and easy. It can be done without logging off. Before opening the chart of a patient with a new Supervising Provider, use the "Change Context" function (part of the logoff button drop-list) and then select a different physician. The following demo illustrates this (~1 min):
Note: selection of a Supervising Provider ceased to be part of trainee logons as of December 8, 2020. Please see the Manual for information about how this workflow is largely automated. The rest of this posting still applies.