Where is that Intake (RAAPID) encounter?

Question: Prescribers who have participated in, and later seek follow-up access to, an "Intake" encounter may have difficulty finding this in the usual places. What could be the problem?

Context: RAAPID consultations facilitate care of patients in their home facility, as well as transfer to other facilities when needed. Associated communications, documentation, billing and other clinical activities can be managed through the "Intake" encounter created by RAAPID services when a consultation, referral or transfer event is initiated. The correct encounter is automatically opened when prescribers seek the relevant patient in a "My RAAPID Consults" or similar system patient list.

There may be reason to go back to an Intake encounter after the RAAPID event has closed and the patient has dropped off the associated system patient list. For example, additional documentation may needed or professional billing taken care of.

Answer: Intake encounters can be found within any opened patient chart. Go to the "Chart Review" activity and then select the "Encounters" folder. Look for encounter(s) of the "Intake" type. If not listed, be sure to uncheck the "Hide Add'l Visits" filter checkbox. 

If the encounters listing is very long, consider selecting the "Filter" tool and then choose encounter types that match "Intake".

The Intake encounter can be opened for additional work by selecting the appropriate row then using the "Encounter" button (above the list) to jump to that encounter.