How is discontinuation of isolation ordered for patients on COVID-19 precautions?

Question: Are there special considerations when discontinuing isolation for patients with COVID-19 risks, exposures or disease?

Context: Patients can be placed on contact and/or droplet and/or airborne precautions by means of an "Initiate Isolation" order. A different order is required to remove isolation precautions already in place. 

“Discontinue Isolation” orders have some unique properties that reflect new and evolving policies for COVID-19 precautions. An enhanced order becomes available April 9, 2021, illustrating how just-in-time instruction, guidance and documentation can be supported with an integrated workflow. 

Answer: The discontinue isolation order is unchanged for most exposures. There are special requirements for discontinuation of COVID-19 precautions. These are addressed through a linked progress note, automatically created from within the discontinue isolation order:

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