What is Workspace ONE Assist and what does it do?

Question: When help is needed with Connect Care mobile applications (Haiku, Canto), what does the Workspace ONE Assist service have to offer?

Context: Connect Care's mobile apps include Haiku for smartphones (iPhones and Android devices) and Canto for tablets (iPads). Users may require help but find it difficult to describe specific problems. Problem resolution can be facilitated when users share their screen to allow technicians to directly visualize what they are experiencing. 

Answer: VmWare's Workspace ONE Assist service works over any network connection (cellular, AHS WiFi or external WiFi) so that, subject to end-user permission (users have to accept explicit prompts before a connection is established), users can demonstrate problems to help desk staff. The Assist service may be offered to users when contacting Connect Care help (help.connect-care.ca) for assistance with Connect Care mobile apps.

There are some limitations and protections:

  • Connected analysts may see user names entered to the mobile device during a screen share, but not passwords.
  • Pop-up messages appear during screen sharing may be visible to help desk staff.
  • Assist access is limited to display-screen sharing and does not include files or other information stored on mobile devices.
  • End users can terminate an Assist share at any time.
  • The Assist service is not intended for questions concerning non-Connect Care applications or for general mobile device performance issues.