Will eCLINICIAN InBasket Messages be Accessible post-Transition?

Question: Given that eCLINICIAN moves to a read-only state after Connect Care launches, and eCLINICIAN In-Basket tasks and messages do not transfer (data convert) to Connect Care, how can one access eCLINICIAN In-Basket archival content?

Answer: The eCLINICIAN legacy clinical information system is replaced by Connect Care and so, at launch of Connect Care, eCLINICIAN changes to a read-only state.

"eCLINICIAN Link" can be launched from within a Connect Care patient record. By this means, all past chart content is available for review in Connect Care. Most eCLINICIAN content will have been converted to become part of the full Connect Care chart. However, some categories of information are not automatically transferred. These include In-Basket content (tasks, messages, result notices, etc.) and material added to the "Media" section of a patient's chart.

Opening eCLINICIAN within Connect Care is seamless. There is no additional logon or patient lookup required. Important past InBasket notes can be copied and pasted. Media tab content can also be copied and pasted.

Over time, important Media tab content is brought to Connect Care as part of its enterprise content management functions.