Who Supports Medical Office Assistants

Question: Connect Care Wave 1 includes some independently run clinics where medical office assistants are not employed by Alberta Health Services. What supports can they expect?

Answer: All medical office assistants (MOA) enjoy the same online (help.connect-care.ca), IT, help desk, training and peer supports, irrespective of who employs them or under what business arrangement they work. All content development, engagement, readiness, training and other Connect Care design, build and optimization activities are employer-agnostic.

Some supports are organized through end-user groups. These may differ by business arrangements. Super Users, for example, are recruited and have their time protected through user organizations. Non-AHS MOAs will not see Super Users resident in their external organizations unless they have appointed, protected and put their own staff forward for training. However, when non-AHS MOAs appear in AHS facilities as part of their clinic activities, they have full access to the AHS Super Users supporting that AHS clinic space.