How can I send a Prescription from Connect Care?

Question: How can I send a prescription from the Connect Care clinical information system?

Answer: It depends upon what is intended by "Send". Assuming the question relates to outpatient contexts, one could:
  1. Print prescribed medication(s), then sign and provide to the patient to independently 'send' to a pharmacy of choice.
  2. One may want to 'send' a prescription directly to a preferred pharmacy by fax.
  3. One may fantasize about 'sending' a prescription electronically to an external pharmacy information system.
Working backwards, the third option is an aspiration. We await pharmacy information system adoption of standards-based protocols for receiving and reconciling electronic prescriptions. A Canada Health Infoway initiative called "PrescribeIT" addresses the need for standards, currently piloted in Alberta. Connect Care plans to work with this protocol when tested and ready.

The second option is not possible as a matter of policy. Prescriptions must be signed and electronic signatures are not yet accepted in Alberta for the same reasons that option 3 is not tenable now. It may be okay to print, sign, then fax the printed and signed prescription to a pharmacy; or telephone verbal prescription instructions to some pharmacies, where medications are delivered to a home or continuing care facility. 

So, until outpatient pharmacy information systems are able to interoperate with clinical information systems, we are left with printing. One must print medication prescriptions, sign them and provide to the patient or patient's agent.

If the patient requires a reprint or refill at a later date, consider opening an "Orders Only" or "Prescription Refill" encounter. Order or renew one or more meds, taking care to look to the bottom of the order dialog and select the "Class" as "Print":

If printing from the original computer and printer... Note that an orders review icon appears just to the left of the "Sign Encounter" at the bottom right. Clicking on this lists the meds for potential printing and provides icons for printing individual or all prescriptions:

If printing from a different computer or personal device and locally installed printer... From an open chart, go to Chart Review, Select the Meds tab, then either double-click on the medication to be reprinted or right-click to display the medication information in a side bar. Scroll to the bottom of the medication information (report) and note a link for generating a new prescription printout (1). Click on this, then the print icon (2), then select the correct local printer and generate the paper prescription for signing.