How can I bill retrospectively?

Question: Sometimes busy clinicians are not able to bill for professional services at the time of a patient's hospital or clinic encounter. How can one, within the limits allowed by Alberta Health, go back and submit a claim for services performed in the past?

Answer: The Connect Care Service Code Capture (SCC) activity works best when a patient's chart is opened in a current encounter (hospital admission, clinic visit, etc.). However, it is also possible to use the SCC activity to submit claims for services associated with encounters that have already closed (patient discharged, clinic visit closed, etc.). The trick is to open the chart, then open the correct encounter, before using the SCC activity.

For services associated with inpatient admissions:
  • Open the patient's chart.
  • Seek the "Select Encounter" activity (tab) by finding it in the "more" list of additional chart tabs or using the global search with the keywords "select encounter" and "Jump to" the activity.
  • Double-click on the "admission" encounter of interest. This will open that encounter and change the chart view to resemble an admitted patient.
  • Seek the SCC activity (tab) by finding it in the "more" drop-list or use the global search with the keyword "service code".
  • You can use the SCC activity as if the patient is still admitted, taking care to navigate to the correct date for the billable service using the date selector at the top left of the SCC activity display.

For services associate with outpatient (clinic) encounters:
  • Open the correct patient chart and select the correct outpatient encounter as described above.
  • Note that an attempt to open the outpatient encounter will cause a query to appear if the encounter is already closed (if the encounter was not closed, the encounter provider can proceed immediately to the SCC activity and enter a professional billing charge).
  • In order to add a service charge to a past closed encounter, it is necessary to open the outpatient encounter for "addendum".

  • Once the encounter is opened for addending, go to the "Wrap Up" chart tab and work with the SCC activity to record the appropriate professional billing charge.
  • Remember to close ("sign") the encounter when finished.