Where are COVID-19 test results found?

Question: Where are COVID-19 NAT and confirmation results displayed within the Connect Care medical record?

Answer: COVID-19 test results are co-located with other respiratory pathogen test results in a "Microbiology" folder in the "Lab" tab of outpatient "Chart Review":

If in doubt, use the "Search" box with the keyword "COVID", as the NAT test classification has changed and some results may still appear under an "Other" category. For inpatients, respiratory viral studies, including COVID, do not appear in the Micro tab of chart "Summary". Instead, use Results Review or look in the "Lab" tab of chart "Summary" activity.

COVID-19 results also appear in Netcare outlines in the "Microbiology" folder. Netcare is the preferred resource for encounters that do not involve Connect Care. Netcare is a supplemental resource for Connect Care users and continues to be launchable from within Connect Care.


  1. Patients with a + COVID-19 result will also have an IPC alert manually added to the Storyboard within most applications. These are currently added by IPC staff, however there are efforts to automate this.

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