How can I reprint a discharge prescription?

Question: How can I reprint a discharge prescription from the Connect Care clinical information system?

Context: The standard Connect Care discharge process is guided by a Discharge Navigator. The easiest way to make sure that things like discharge prescriptions and medication instructions print is to follow all the steps in the navigator (in order). 

At the point that the discharge order is signed, two documents are printed for the patient to take home. An "After Visit Summary" (AVS) includes information about the hospital stay, together with easy to understand alerts to continuing, changed, discontinued and new medications. An accompanying "Instructions to Pharmacy" again summarizes changes from prior home meds, with new prescriptions printed for signing. 

The AVS and Pharmacy instructions can be reprinted at any time from the AVS tab in the Discharge Navigator. However, this process uses Connect Care defaulted printers. If there is a problem with automated printing, prescribers may need to know how to force medication prescription printing to a manually selected printer of choice (including PDF for emailing to a pharmacy). 

Answer: The following workflow assumes that the automated printing of discharge prescriptions, with the AVS, has failed or that there is a need (patient lost printout) to print just some of the discharge medications. The following will work reliably only if discharge medication reconciliation has been done.
  1. Open the patient's chart (does not have to be opened in an encounter)
  2. Open the "Chart Review" activity.
  3. Select the "Meds" tab within Chart Review.
  4. Ensure that the "Current Meds Only" filter is selected.

This will display a list of medications that reflects the discharge medication reconciliation (and any more recent outpatient visit adjustments). Select a medication, note the report that appears to the right, look for a subsection entitled "Reprint Prescription" towards the bottom, then select the reprint link and use the print icon to select a printer.

The downside of this alternative discharge prescription pathway is that each medication is printed to a separate page.

The above workflow also works when selecting the "Medications" activity in an open chart.

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