Which Physicians use Connect Care for Professional Billing?

Question: Most physicians who are required to enter billing claims in Connect Care know who they are, especially those in alternative reimbursement plans and service contracts with Alberta Health Services. But there may be uncertainty about grey areas, like fee-for-service physicians on time-limited contracts with group plans.

Answer: See a 1-pager summarizing how professional billing is supported in Connect Care. For the most part, physicians who have billed through eCLINICIAN will shift to billing through Connect Care. All physicians working through clinical and academic ARPs (AMHSP) will have been informed about whether their plan has arranged to shadow bill through Connect Care.

Those arrangements include the locum and fee-for-service physicians seconded or contracted to the ARP to fill clinical service gaps. They are expected to bill through Connect Care.

Physicians who have an independent billing service are able to take advantage of Connect Care for claim capture, then generating a report for provision to their billing service.