How can I correct my Provider Contact Information?

Question: Some providers express concern about how their name, and possibly some address information, appears in After Visit Summaries and other Connect Care communications. How can this be changed?

Context: Basic identification and contact information for Connect Care prescribers comes from the clinical information system provider registry. Seeded from Medical Affairs and Licensing Organization databases, this information may be out of date. Indeed, some physicians may have provided a home address for professional communications and wish to change to something safer for digital records. 

Answer: It is easy to check how Connect Care describes a provider, as this information appears in the "Phone Book", available to all authorized users. 

The easiest way to find and open the Phone Book is to enter "phone" in the Hyperspace Search (top right) box. Observe menu options that pop up and select the "Phone Book" activity.
  • Use the "People" tab in the Phone Book and search for your name.
  • Make sure that you have no duplicate entries (if so, report as instructed below).
  • Select the row corresponding to your name in the Phone Book search results.
  • Confirm accuracy and appropriateness of the address, phone number and other information listed.
If changes are required, go to In Basket, and select the "Provider Demographic Update" option from the drop-list that appears when selecting the "New Message" command button. Follow instructions embedded in the message. You can find your "Provider ID" by using Search to open the "Session Information" activity, look in the "Login Information" section, and find the number in square brackets for the "Linked Provider".