How can I print a note or letter?

Question: When I open the "Notes" activity (inpatient) and then view and try to print the note of interest, I find the top-right "Print" menu greyed out. How can I print a specific note?

Answer: Printing is disabled in a number of activities and views. This may be because the information object does not have clear boundaries or is not set for an acceptable print layout. The "Notes" activity is one of these areas. The Print menu (top right of Hyperspace) will be "ghosted" to indicate that it is not available.

It is possible to print notes, letters and other chart objects. The best place for this is the "Chart Review" activity (inpatient and outpatient). This has a tab for Notes and a display area that shows the note content when selected. The button bar of this display area, as well as the top-right print menu, are active for printing.

Look for similar functionality for just about anything else that can be found through the various tabs of Chart Review.