How is COVID-19 Testing Ordered? - UPDATED

Question: How can a prescriber order COVID-19 laboratory testing in Connect Care?

Answer: Ordering of rapid COVID-19 PCR occurs using the "Respiratory Infection (incl. COVID-19) NAT" order. Connect Care prescribers can enter "COVID" when searching for an order in ER, outpatient or inpatient contexts. Any physician can order the test. If the "Respiratory Infection (incl. COVID-19) NAT" test does not immediately appear in one's department preference list, be sure to click on the "Facility List" tab to find the order. This order is also used to order rapid influenza/RSV PCR and the respiratory pathogen panel (RPP); rapid COVID-19 testing will be automatically selected by default.

Be sure to indicate the reason for testing (symptomatic, infection control screen or pre-transplant testing) and then patient location/disposition (not required for outpatient orders). As resources for rapid on-site testing are limited, answering accurately whether the patient is admitted or is likely to be admitted is very important to ensure the sustainability of the rapid COVID-19 testing program.

For more information, see the tip sheet and lab bulletin.