How can I change Supervising Prescribers quickly?

Question: What are the fastest ways for busy trainees to change their supervising provider when working in outpatient or emergency settings where there are multiple attending physicians?

Context: We've previously described how to change supervising providers and where this is most important. Accurate patient-trainee-supervisor matching is essential for outpatient and ER consultation encounters, especially when orders are placed or documentation is saved or signed.

Some high-volume clinics for some specialties have trainees see many patients, possibly with different supervising consultants. Switching supervisors needs to be slick!

Answer: There are multiple ways to change supervisors from within a logged-in Connect Care session. Always available is an Epic menu command, "Change Context", which also appears in a drop-list just to the right of the Logoff button (top-right).

For multi-supervisor-challenged trainees, the fastest switch occurs when the Change Context command is saved as a favourite and then accessed via a keyboard shortcut.
Note: selection of a Supervising Provider ceased to be part of trainee logons as of December 8, 2020. Please see the Manual for information about how this workflow is largely automated. The rest of this posting still applies.