How can one prescriber order on behalf of another?

Question: How can a prescriber enter an order on behalf of another prescriber without disrupting intended results routing?

Context: There may be situations during cutover or soon after launch when prescribers (e.g., Super Users) need to help others in order for patient care to proceed safely.

Answer: First, prescribers should not enter orders on behalf of one another. This is not consistent with Connect Care Ordering Norms. The substitute prescriber may not handle decision supports, and other order-linked activities, appropriately. Most importantly, the accountable prescriber should place orders so that it is clear who to contact if clarification is needed and so that any associated results or communications get to the right person.

If a provider must enter an order on behalf of another, then the correct Authorizing Provider must be selected via the Options >> Providers drop-down menu (in the Orders sidebar) to avoid incorrect results or communications routing.


Again, entering an order for another provider is NOT recommended. This workflow can have unwanted downstream and backend consequences, particularly if the providers have different login departments.