How can patients view and print immunizations in MyAHS Connect?

Question: How can patients view and use Connect Care immunization records, including COVID-19 vaccinations, using the MyAHS Connect patient portal?

Context: Pandemic public health directives have increased the importance of ready access to immunization information for Albertans. 

The Netcare provincial electronic health record contains a good representation of COVID-19 vaccinations administered in Alberta (although some pharmacy and other locations can be missed). Patients can download and print a PDF summary via a dedicated website ( Their Netcare information can also be viewed and printed from MyHealth Records.

The Connect Care clinical information system also contains an immunization record, which receives information from Netcare and other clinical information systems. It also contains information added by clinicians to fill gaps where immunizations were performed in other jurisdictions or countries. In short, the Connect Care immunization record is part of the patient's digital chart, supporting where Connect Care is the record of care. Patients may ask if and how they can access and print immunization information using the Connect Care patient portal, MyAHS Connect ( 

Answer: Once logged in to the web version of MyAHS Connect, patients can enter "imm" in the top search box of the portal "Your Menu" tool, then select the "Health Summary - Immunizations" option that appears.

At the "Health Summary" screen, be sure to select the "Immunizations" tab, then select "View details" for COVID-19 vaccinations (grouped in one box).

With the COVID-19 vaccinations display opened, use the print icon appearing at the top right to generate a PDF file that can be saved or printed.

While immunizations can be viewed through the MyAHS Connect "MyChart" mobile app, the app does not support rendering to a PDF file for printing or saving. The app is useful for reminders about the types and dates of immunizations.