Will medical students get access to Connect Care Mobility? How?

Question: Medical learners spend their clinical years on the wards and in the clinics. They need to be on top of test results, help manage patient lists, and participate in team clinical communications. Will they be able to use mobile apps to make these tasks easier?

Answer: Yes. Connect Care mobile applications for smartphones (Epic's Haiku, Nuance's Dragon Medical One) and iPads (Epic's Canto) have unique advantages for many clinical workflows. Indeed, they are key to our hopes for secure clinical messaging, just-in-time ordering, patient list management, in-system dictation and secure image capture. Medical students are a big part of such info-flows.

So, how? Normally, physicians get their mobile devices configured, in-system dictation activated, and access to the production clinical information system (CIS) in personalization workshops. But medical students are not scheduled for those workshops.

Current plans are to create some virtual personalization workshops that support learners with mobility installs and configurations. In addition, a prescriber drop-in centre will be available onsite for the weeks immediately following launch. And the Connect Care Physician Manual covers essential mobility orientation.

In short, we will communicate multiple self-directed strategies that medical students can use to ensure that they take full advantage of Connect Care mobility.[ student, students, trainee, trainees, learner, learners ]