How is AHS Secure Email Accessed via a Web Interface?

Question: How can the new AHS secure email service be accessed via the Web and how does the offering differ from use of the full Outlook software application?

Context: Alberta Health Services is upgrading from Microsoft's 2007 Communications Server to infrastructure capable of supporting Office 365 (Outlook 365) and current versions of popular operating systems (Windows, Macintosh, iOS, Android). The change includes an improved user-interface for "webmail" where an internet browser (e.g., Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Edge, Explorer) is used to list, read and respond to email messages. 

Answer: Any of the links below can be used to log on to new AHS webmail using any Internet Browser. The web interface is simple to use and provides access to the same mail, calendar, contacts and tasks found in desktop versions of Outlook. However, some of the more advanced settings and features are not available via the web. 

For example, the Outlook application supports multiple mailbox accounts so that, for example, professional and AHS appointments can be combined in the same calendar view. Outlook webmail provides access to AHS mail, AHS calendars and AHS contacts only.

Most importantly, personal preferences for mail, event and task management (e.g., whether to reply or reply-all) need to be re-configured in webmail. One's settings from desktop or mobile Outlook are not inherited. It is prudent to go through all Outlook webmail settings to ensure that they fit the user's needs.