What is my Department?

Question: When logging on to Connect Care, how can I find the correct "department" to select in order to proceed?

Context: When logging on to Connect Care, one must select a "department". This is an "Epic Department," and not what one might normally consider as an organizational department. Each CIS department is configured to ensure that the user is presented with an appropriate user interface and that lists match what is locally available (e.g., medications, procedures).

CIS department names can be confusing. The Connect Care list includes all possible groupings in the province of Alberta. A naming convention uses AHS standard acronyms for locations (e.g., EDM UAH) plus function-specific keywords (e.g., INFECTION CONTROL). After one has used personally relevant login departments, these are automatically saved as favourites, with the most recently used department defaulted at login.

Answer: New users may need to do some digging to find the small number of departments that they will usually log on to. The fastest answer may come from asking a Super User or colleague. 

The following tools give access to full listings of AHS CIS departments with supplemental information that can help troubleshoot department choice challenges: