How can I reprint a discharge prescription?

Question: How can I reprint a discharge prescription from the Connect Care clinical information system?

Context: The standard Connect Care discharge process is guided by a Discharge Navigator. The easiest way to make sure that things like discharge prescriptions and medication instructions print is to follow all the steps in the navigator (in order). 

At the point that the discharge order is signed, two documents are printed for the patient to take home. An "After Visit Summary" (AVS) includes information about the hospital stay, together with easy to understand alerts to continuing, changed, discontinued and new medications. An accompanying "MedRec for Community Pharmacist" summarizes changes from prior home meds. 

Any new medication prescriptions are also printed, as a third document, with expectation that the prescriber will sign these (wet signature) for delivery or fax to the chosen pharmacy. 

The AVS and pharmacy instructions can be reprinted at any time from the "After Visit Summary" section (last) in the Discharge Navigator, and the user can select a local printer for this purpose. 

Unfortunately, the same ease of re-printing is not presently available for actual prescriptions (note: the "MedRec for Community Pharmacy" cannot serve as a prescription). The physician may not be at the patient's discharge location at the time of departure and may need to print and sign prescriptions at a different (physician-local) printer.

Answer: The following workflow assumes that the discharge medication reconciliation is complete and that a discharge order is signed. 
  1. Open the patient's chart (be sure to open to the relevant inpatient encounter).
  2. Open the "Orders" activity.
  3. Select the "Order History" tab within Orders.
  4. The recent discharge medication orders should appear at the top of the list (reverse chronological sorting... toggle the "Event Time" column header if not sorted by default)
  5. Select a medication by clicking on its name-row, then look to the report that appears (below or to the side) and scroll down within the report to find a "Reprint Prescription" section. 
  6. Select the medication link within the Reprint Prescription section. A preview of the prescription will appear.
  7. Right-click, then select the "print" command from the pop-up menu that appears. Select the desired printer and proceed.

One can also go to the "External Orders" tab (within the Orders activity, since the discharge orders are external to the inpatient admission), look to the bottom "Signed External Orders" section, select a drug name, then scroll down to the "Reprint Prescription" section of the pop-up report that appears. Again, select the medication name in that Reprint Prescription section, then use the right-click print command or the print icon (at top of pop-up report).

A similar workflow can be used when selecting the "Meds" tab under the "Chart Review" activity in an open chart.

The downside of these alternative discharge prescription workflows is that each medication is printed to a separate page.

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