How is discontinuation of isolation ordered for patients on COVID-19 precautions?

Question: Are there special considerations when discontinuing isolation for patients with COVID-19 risks, exposures or disease?

Context: Inpatient and emergency patients can be placed on contact and/or droplet and/or airborne precautions by means of an "Initiate Isolation" order. A different order is required to remove isolation precautions already in place. 

“Discontinue Isolation” orders must be mindful of evolving COVID-19 protocols. The order composer reflects this by providing within-order links to current guidance and policy while also providing pop-up summaries of relevant clinical data from the patient's chart.  

Answer: The discontinue isolation order is unchanged for most exposures. There are special requirements for discontinuation of COVID-19 precautions. Ordering prescribers are asked to affirm that the order complies with those requirements. Links to both relevant guidance and data are provided within the order to facilitate efficient workflows.