Is a Goals of Care Designation valid when printed from Connect Care?

Question: Is a Goals of Care Designation (GCD) record that has been generated from a Connect Care order, then printed, valid?

Context: A GCD status record is automatically printed when goals of care orders are entered to Connect Care and signed by authorized providers. The printed "green sleeve" document is provided to patients and may later be important to, for example, paramedics or non-Connect Care transfer destinations. 

Historically, GCD paper forms were "wet-signed" by prescribers. Printed digital GCD records do not have a "wet" signature but are instead considered electronically signed. Some may question whether the e-signature is valid without a handwritten signature from the ordering prescriber.

Answer: A GCD order generated from Connect Care, like all medical orders, is considered valid without any addition or change. An e-signature generated within Connect Care verifies this. If authenticity verification is required, the order with the e-signature can be viewed in the Advance Care Planning (ACP)/GCD navigator.