What are "communication" orders?

Question: What is the purpose of a "nursing communication" order in Connect Care?

Context: Communication orders allow prescribers to record precise instructions for healthcare interventions performed by other members of the healthcare team. 

Communication orders are not a substitute for clinical communication (sticky notes, secure messaging, In Basket, paging, etc.) or clinical documentation activities (progress notes, discharge planning, etc.). Nor are they a substitute for otherwise available medication, procedure, imaging or consult orders.

Rather, communication orders are used to set limits on the application of other orders (e.g., parameters to be followed when deciding when to alert a responsible prescriber to concerning clinical observations), guide application of another's professional skills (e.g., instructions about bedside care, dressings or other in-person interventions) or over-ride default protocols (e.g., instruct to discontinue vital sign measurements as part of a compassionate care plan). 

Answer: Use Order Search with "communication" as a keyword in order to find and initiate a "Nurse Communication" order. Frequency, duration and other logistical details can be entered, just like other procedural orders. The "comments" field is a hard-stop, ensuring that this order is used to provide specific instructions.