Why can't I find a known encounter?

Question: Prescribers may know about a patient encounter but fail to find it when looking up encounters within a patient's chart. What's happening?

Context: Patient charts can be opened in or out of a specific encounter. Either way, clinicians may want to review all encounters (known to Connect Care) to get a sense of a patient's interaction with the health care system, or to find, open or change the chart in context of a specific encounter they know to have happened.

Sometimes, despite looking in the right place (Chart Review >> Encounters tab), nothing seems to appear in the encounter log for the expected day or type of encounter.

Answer: The best place to search for past, present or scheduled future encounters is the "Encounters" tab within the "Chart Review" activity. Chart Review is available (usually leftmost activity) in all contexts. If looking for an unusual encounter type, be sure to uncheck the "Hide Add'l Visits" filter box. 

If the encounters listing is very long, consider selecting the "Filters" tool and then choose encounter types that match what one is looking for.

Consider using "Chart Search" with keywords specific to the desired encounter type (the keyword should be part of the encounter name; e.g., "Telephone"). This often works well for quickly finding specific encounters.

Finally, it is possible that the encounter of interest occurred at a facility that does not use Connect Care as the record of care or does not interoperate with Connect Care to share health encounter information.