Why are some lab results missing from Connect Care mobile apps?

Question: How is it that some laboratory results available for viewing in Hyperspace do not appear in Mobile app (Haiku, Canto) displays?

Context: Not all lab results are available to Haiku or Canto. A default lookback period (2 years for outpatient labs; 1 week for inpatient labs) ensures that the apps remain quickly responsive, even on slow networks; while not consuming too much of a users's mobile data allowance. 

Answer: Two years of outpatient results was selected as the best compromise between comprehensiveness and responsiveness of mobile access. Given the large number of results commonly associated with hospital admissions, 1 week was thought a reasonable lookback limit for inpatient tests. It is recognized that these thresholds may not work well for all settings (e.g., Long Term Care). A working group is re-examining lookback periods for different patient contexts.